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RULES 2004

These rules should be read in conjunction with the County rules and are only applicable to teams playing in the Hunts & Peterborough Netball League.


All teams must be represented at the Hunts & Peterborough ang County AGM.

Each occasion of non-attendance will be judged individually and the eligibility to join H&PL will be at the discretion of the H&PL committee. The ultimate penalty will be exclusion from the league.

All players must be affiliated to England Netball (AENA) with the exception of guest players (see constitution).


All fixtures will be played at a central venue with the Home team being the first on the fixtures list responsible for ensuring that the correct facilities are available and providing the match ball.


2 points will be deducted for any infringement of the rules. Points will be awarded as follows:

6 points for a win or win by default
4 points for a draw
3 points if losing score within 5 goals of opponents score
2 points if losing score within 50% or more of opponents score
1 point if losing score less than 50% of opponents score
Nil points for losing by default

Any teams conceding a match will be deducted 2 points. The opposing team shall be awarded 6 points if the game is conceded within 48 hours of the fixture or not ready to play at designated central time.

In the event of a match being conceded the apposing team will be awarded 30 goals. In the event of a draw at the end of the season, where one team has received the 30 goals through a match being conceded, this match will be wiped from the calculations in order that the result will reflect a true picture of a teams performance.

If a match is abandoned due to inclement weather conditions at half time or later then the score will stand and there will be no replay.


The minimum standard is Beginners award. The penalty for not providing an umpire at any match is a deduction of 6 points and a minimum fine of £5.00. This will be increased if a team continues to break this rule.

All umpires must be affiliated to England Netball (AENA)

Teams who have been in the league for 1 year or less have 1 year in which to either qualify an existing member of the team as an umpire or find an umpire from another team to uphold their umpiring commitments. Teams who have been in the league for more than 1 year have until January 2005 to find an appropriate umpire.

5.     RESULTS

All teams must at the start of each season submit to the fixtures secretary a list of specimen signatures for all affiliated players. All cards are to be posted to the Fixtures Secretary and received within 7 days of each match being played. All cards must be signed by individual players. The Fixtures Secretary will not, under any circumstances, chase late cards. Failure to submit a score card within 7 days will result in a loss of 3 points.


All matches must start promptly in accordance with the central timing (hooter/bell then on the umpires whistle)

All umpires must monitor their own quarter and half times. A Claxton will be used so that central timing will be more accurate.


Winter and summer league matches shall be 4 x 15 minutes in duration. Time allowed between quarter and half time is as follows:

2 minutes quarter time

5 minutes half time

Although central timing will operate each court must have its own timer in the event of injury. In this case 2 minutes maximum must be added on after the central timing is concluded.

Janet Boxall Floodlit league matches will be 2 x 20 minutes in duration, with a straight turn around at half time. There will be no injury time.

All umpires must monitor their own quarter and half times.


Each team will provide an umpire for the match following or preceding their fixture. More specific instructions will be provided with the issue of each set of league fixtures

9.     SAFETY

Can all players note that when playing they must not wear sharp hair accessories, gloves, scarves, hats, jewellery and laces must be fastened.

Any player with a medical condition outside the regulation playing uniform must lodge a GP’s letter with the committee before wearing (i.e. gloves).

10. FEES

Each club must pay all league entry fees prior to the first match of the season


If a player wishes to move to a different club the Fixtures Secretary must be informed 7 days prior to the player taking the court

If a player wishes to play for more than one team within the same netball club, for example a player affiliated to the first team wished to play for the second team then reference firstly should be made to the county constitution in respect of the rules relation to this.

Secondly in paragraph 2.1.5 of the Constitution under ‘Management’ it will be deemed that a player ‘playing down’ for any part of a match however short the time is on court this will be classed as that match being played and that player may not return to her former team for the following 2 league matches.

Please note the Constitution only allows one player to undertake such ‘playing down’ once per season. If she plays down for more than once, that player will be deemed a member of the lower team and will not be permitted to play up for the remainder of that season. Only one named player may play in the team immediately below at a time.


All matches must be played at the set times and dates allocated to them in the fixtures list handed out at the start of the season. These cannot be altered or re-arranged except for EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES. As there is no precedent for what constitutes an ‘Extenuation Circumstance’ each request/circumstance will be considered and decided upon individually by the H&PL committee.


In the event of a National/Regional/County event coinciding with a H&PL fixture, if a player(s) and/or official(s) from one team is/are involved, the two teams will be given 7 days to play the match from the fixture date.

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